The story of our family scented with a delicate fragrance of vanilla and pungent chocolate. The passion always accompanies what we do and the great value of experience from generation to generation represents our heritage.
Traditions lives over the time; new generations discover and learn secrets and prefumes of art of pastry. So, we make each client part of our family.
Caffè al Ciclope, today is a obligatory stop for bon vivants; in particular for tourists who visit our local, enchanted by the aromas that pervade the old town.



Caffè al Ciclope is located in one of the most charming and tasting portions of Sicily: Val di Noto.
Here, almond trees found their land of choice and the white moscato gives us dense and juicy wines. Culinary and pastry tradition influence our typical products making them a concentrate of incomparable beauty and goodness.
Among the protagonists of Barocco dining scene, Caffè al Ciclope is today directed to the achievement of maximum quality level. It faces contemporary challenges and recalls forgotten flavors.



The base of success and goodness of our product consist of choosing quality raw ingredients. We carefully evaluate the provenance and sustainability of ingredients, selecting highest quality standards.
All ingredients coming from our territory; we focus the attention on local products. Among these selected excellences we should mention the Pistachio of Bronte, the almond of Avola, Pachino cherry tomato and Citrus of Val di Noto.



The respect of the ancient Sicilian culinary art made of heady scents, bright colors and unique flavours represents the base of our production.

To realize with patience and precision each recipe is a real culture that becomes art with the satisfying taste and the elegance of presentation. Our delicacies tell the story of the island and the traditions of peasant families. We have inherited some important ingredients such as pistachio and almond, cinnamon and honey. Richness of Sicilian culinary excellences is evident in the colors and shapes, in the juxtaposition of different consistencies, in the completeness of flavors.



Our goal is to guarantee hygiene and food safety of our products. We want to satisfy and improve quality standard for our customers.
Our mission is to offer maximum guarantees on products, checking our spinneret from the processing of raw materials to the distribution and consumption of our specialty.



“There is no sincerer love than the love of confectionery”


Ice cream, cake, granita or Sicilian cassata… we create these little temptations with great love to make them irresistible.
Ice cream and granita are prepared with only natural ingredients and they rejoice every moment of your day.

For the feasts: Easter Dove cake, Panettone and sweet baskets ensure the proper completion of hearty meal; the sweet tooth must taste our typical Sicilian pastry.



the unmissable arancini or the tyipical “scacce” of Ragusa, richly stuffed according to the tradition; our dely is rich of appetizing offer for everyone, from classics to delicious delicacies of our snack bar: crêpes, piadina, rolls, small fry and mixed salads.


Form small peckish to big appetite, we can satisfy all our customer’s wishes.

Catering Service


We offer catering service for events, ceremonies, congress, meetings and conferences. We offer a wide range of sweet and savory courses; we should mention our appetizer, dely and main dishes prepared with wisdom by our cooks. Furthermore, small and big masterpieces of our pastry. Our catering service is also addressed to enterprises and public entities; we operate quickly and professionally to guarantee the maximum satisfaction to our clients and their guests.