Disclosure under the law 13 D. Lgs. 196/20013


In this page you can find all the informations about administration of the website with reference on personal data of users. This disclosure under the law 13 D. Lgs. 196/2003 (and following edits) refers only on website and not on other links, may be present on website


Data Controller

To consult may result the handling of users data. Data Controller of Caffè al Ciclope S.r.l, Pachino (SR) is Design Factory Srls.


Data and handling

• Web browsing data.

During web browsing on informatic systems collect some personal data to use standard internet communication protocol.
For example, IP or computer users name, URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) of required means, time of the request, method of the request to server, dimension of the file got an answer, numerical code of the answer (successful, error etc.) and other informations about operating system.
Data could identify users through reworking with others data holding by third parties. Design Factory Srls uses these data just to compiling anonymous statistics about website consulting and correct functioning and are immediately deleted after the elaboration. Data could be use to assess any liability in case of computer crimes against the site. Apart from this one exception, data are deleted after seven days.

• Data voluntarily provided by users.

Data collection can be realized in voluntary way by e-mail from users to website or electronic forms.
Design Factory Srls collects e-mail address of users to answer their requests and other personal data about the communication. Design Factory Srls uses this data collection just to answer requests and next related communications.
To send electronic forms involves the collection of personal data by Design Factory that uses these informations just to answer requests and informations for next related communications.

• Cookies.

Cookie is a text file sent from a website to computer browser. Browser saves the information and transmits it to server when browser again enter to that website.
A cookie generally contains IP address, “duration” of the cookie (or better its due date) and a numeric code, casually generated. doesen’t use cookies to transmit personal informations: it uses two types of cookies:
– session cookies to allow the communication of informations through website’s pages. In this way, the informations are inserted only one time.
– persistent cookies to compile anonymous statistics about administration and improvement of the site.
Cookies don’t allow the acquisition of users personal data. However, users can accept or not cookies changing browser settings. When cookies are disabled users can use all the services and function of the website. If user uses different location, he will have to make sure browsers are correctly set. User can easily delete every single cookie into the file.


Optional data conferment

User is free to provide personal data into requirement modules. The omission involves the impossibility of response.


Methods of treatment

Personal data are briefly analyzed by electronic systems to process informations and provide answers. We adopt security measures to prevent the abuse or loss of data.


Diritti degli interessati

According to art.7 D.lgs 196/2003 (and next modifications) users possess the right to obtain confirmation about data, contents, source to check the exactness or updating.
Users have also the right to modify or ask cancellation of data.
Requests should be sent to the e-mail address with subject “Personal Data processing”.